Mandarin Chinese classes in the Little Panda Sunday School is suitable for all ages and levels- primary school beginners to A-level and beyond!

Besides, English Drama classes will be taught by a local professional actor/ drama teacher.

Little Panda Sunday School in East Sheen Mandarin classes will be taught by Ms Xiaoyu Shi. She is an experienced Mandarin teacher who teaches in local primary and secondary schools and provides private tuition.   

Miss Yvonne Ong is now a new well-trained Mandarin teacher who has just begun to teach. She is born and raised in Malaysia. She is also an assistant to Ms Xiaoyu Shi, volunteered in a secondary school.

English Drama workshops will be lead by Max Gold, a professional actor who has run numerous youth theatre groups, also coaching young people on film sets and for TV series.

Little Panda Sunday School East Sheen

Would your child like to learn Mandarin? 
Would you love your child to learn Mandarin?

UK Little Panda Mandarin School


UK Little Panda Mandarin School